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Ultimate Cakepop Masterclass

Do you struggle making cake pops or cakesicles?

I for sure did. Sometimes they turned out pretty well but other times they turned out horrible. I didn't understand why they didn't ALWAYS turn out and I was embarrassed of my work.

I also didn't understand why they cracked, why oil was coming out of them, why they kept falling off the stick and most importantly, why they were soooo hard to shape and decorate. I've been baking for over 8 years now and I can tell you that cake pops have been the hardest for me to master.

If you can relate to the frustration of making them and would like to improve your skills, this class is just for you!

In this class you will learn:

1. Cake pop dough recipe (not from scratch)

2. Shaping round cake pops (by hand)

3. Working with cake pop molds

4. Avoiding falling off stick

5. What chocolate to use

6. How to thin chocolate (5 ways)

7. Avoiding cracks

8. Avoiding oil leaks

9. Avoiding elephant skin

10. Minimizing air bubbles

11. Decorating with chocolate

12. Decorating with fondant/stabilizing fondant

13. Coloring chocolate

14. Painting/drawing on cake pops

15. How to store and packaging tips

16. Plus 3 decorating tutorials: Bear theme + cake slice, ice cream cones and mermaid theme

17. You'll also get a PDF file with cake pop recipe, a full supply list with links, cakepop flavor variations and a PDF with important info from the class.
​18. BONUS! Cakesicles

19. BONUS! Baking Pricing Guide: A guide that helps you determine your prices that ensures profit!
​20. BONUS: From Ghosted, To Booked!- An email template that helps you convert potential customers into paying customers!

This class is PACKED with information and all you'll need to know to make some pretty amazing cake pops and cakesicles. The best part about this is that you can sell them in your business and make the money back you spent in the class plus so much more, it's a win win!

Class info:

Class will be available for purchase 6/1-6/23.Class is $85 USD, all online and prerecorded. Once purchased, you will create a password to log into class website. Once in the class, you can watch the videos at any time, unlimited times (even months from now).

**Attention previous cakepop students: You will automatically be able to view the new class contents on 6/1 without any upgrade fees!**

*Due to the nature of this class, no refunds once purchased*

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